Flute Classes

The flute is one of the oldest and most popular classical instruments. Kaladhar Mahavidalya provides students with excellent instruction in playing this mesmerizing instrument. The teachers here offer a comprehensive approach to mastering the flute and make sure that students learn proper technique and also develop their own individual style. Learning the flute at Kaladhar Mahavidalya not only helps you understand and appreciate the nuances of classical music by kaladhar Mahavidyalaya but also provides a strong foundation for other musical pursuits.

Degree / Diploma Courses :
 Praveshika One Year
Junior Diploma – Prarambhik
1st Year One Year
2nd Year One Year
Senior Diploma – Bhushan
3rd Year One Year
4th Year One Year
Sangeet Prabhakar
5th Year One Year
6th Year One Year
Praveen Sangeetacharya
7th Year One Year
8th Year One Year