Salsa Classes

At Kaladhar Mahavidyalaya, salsa dance is a fun and vibrant way to get your groove on! Salsa is a genre of Latin American music and dance that is popular worldwide. It combines African and Caribbean rhythms with a contemporary twist, making it an exciting and dynamic style of dance. Kaladhar Mahavidyalaya’s experienced instructors will teach you how to master the basic steps of salsa as well as some more advanced techniques. We also offer classes that focus on improving your footwork, coordination, and flexibility so you can refine your moves. With the guidance of our expert teachers, you can learn all the moves you need to feel confident on the dance floor.

Degree / Diploma Courses :
Basic Lavel 3 Months
Standard Lavel 6 Months
Grade 1 One Year
Grade 2 One Year
Grade 3 One Year
Grade 4 One Year
Grade 5 One Year
Grade 6 One Year
Grade 7 One Year
Grade 8 One Year