Dholak Classes

Dholak is a popular Indian percussion instrument, typically played in folk and devotional music. Classes for playing the dholak can be found at music schools, cultural centers, and private teachers. These classes may include instruction on proper hand positioning, playing techniques, and rhythm patterns. Many online resources such as videos and tutorials are also available for learning to play the dholak. Dholak classes can be taken by individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. The classes usually start with learning basic hand positioning and techniques, such as how to hold the dholak, how to strike the drumheads, and how to play different rhythms. As students progress, they will learn more advanced techniques, such as how to play different variations of rhythms and how to play solos.

Degree / Diploma Courses :
 Praveshika One Year
Junior Diploma – Prarambhik
1st Year One Year
2nd Year One Year
Senior Diploma – Bhushan
3rd Year One Year
4th Year One Year
Sangeet Prabhakar
5th Year One Year
6th Year One Year
Praveen Sangeetacharya
7th Year One Year
8th Year One Year