Dance Mahavidyalaya

Bharatnatyam Classes

Bharatnatyam is a traditional South Indian dance form that has been around for centuries. It’s a highly technical and intricate dance form, with stylized movements that can be combined to create a wide variety of visual effects. Kaladhar Mahavidyalaya is proud to offer Bharatnatyam classes, taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. At Kaladhar Mahavidyalaya, we believe that Bharatnatyam is an important part of Indian culture and history, and we are dedicated to teaching it in its purest and most authentic form. Our Bharatnatyam classes are held in a traditional atmosphere, and our instructors provide their students with expert guidance and personal attention. These include choreography, music theory, and stage presence. Our instructors are committed to helping each student reach their full potential in terms of performance ability, knowledge, and technique. At Kaladhar Mahavidyalaya, we recognize that Bharatnatyam is a complex and sophisticated art form, and we strive to ensure that our students gain a deep understanding of the various components of the dance. We also ensure that our students are equipped with the necessary skills to perform on stage with confidence and poise.

Degree / Diploma Courses :
 Praveshika One Year
Junior Diploma – Prarambhik
1st Year One Year
2nd Year One Year
Senior Diploma – Bhushan
3rd Year One Year
4th Year One Year
Sangeet Prabhakar
5th Year One Year
6th Year One Year
Praveen Sangeetacharya
7th Year One Year
8th Year One Year