Contemporary Class

Kaladhar Mahavidyalaya offers courses in contemporary dance, a form of dance that has evolved from the 19th century. This style is often energetic, and creative, and often involves improvisation. Contemporary dance is open to anyone who is interested in exploring their creativity through movement. At Kaladhar Mahavidyalaya, we teach contemporary dance classes for all levels. Our experienced faculty provide comprehensive instruction in this diverse style, helping each student develop their skills and learn about the history and evolution of this unique form of dance. At Kaladhar Mahavidyalaya, we strive to give our students the tools they need to reach their fullest potential as dancers and performers. With our high-quality instruction and top-notch facilities, we are confident that you will be able to explore and grow in the world of contemporary dance!

Degree / Diploma Courses :
Basic Lavel 3 Months
Standard Lavel 6 Months
Grade 1 One Year
Grade 2 One Year
Grade 3 One Year
Grade 4 One Year
Grade 5 One Year
Grade 6 One Year
Grade 7 One Year
Grade 8 One Year