Rules & Regulations


  1. All fees once paid is NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.
  2. Fees for Examination, Books, Stationery, Any Other Incidentals etc are NOT INCLUDED in the package fees.
  • Monthly/Package Tuition and Instrument Fees (non-refundable, to be paid each month for all 12 months irrespective of holidays.
  1. We conduct 3-4 events/stage shows every year, to allow children an opportunity to perform on the stage. Nominal participation fee is charged for such event, Which is NOT INCLUDED in the package fees. Further, cost for costumes, cost of video and photos of the performance.
  2. The students are expected to arrive on time and avail their classes ONLY in the ALLOTED BATCH.
  3. If students miss classes due to any reason, he/she will be marked PRESENT. No compensatory class will be available under any circumstances .
  • Students have to complete their class in their package duration, No EXTENSION of the package duration is allowed under any circumstances.
  • A list of holidays for the year is available with the Front Office/website. No classes are conducted on the days of Center Holidays.
  1. Parents may interact with the teachers to get a feedback about the student during PTMs that organized at the center, from time to time.
  2. Please collect a valid receipt from the Front Office for any payment made. please DO NOT handover cash to any teacher/employee of the center Claim of any payment without a valid receipt will not be entertained.
  3. In case of switching of subjects from a package to lower to higher fees, the difference in fees, will be charged. However there will be no refunds in case of switch from a package of higher to lower fees.


  • Minimum age for admission is 5 years.
  • Applicants for admission are required to undergo a preliminary test/audition.
  • Students who do not deposit monthly fees for 2 consecutive months will have their names struck off the rolls. In special cases where re-admission is granted, students will be required to pay the admission fees again if they wish to re-join.
  1. Attendance is strictly enforced and students are required to attend classes regularly. 75% attendance is compulsory.
  • No persons other than students of the Vidyalaya are allowed inside the classrooms except with the permission of the Principal.
  • All students have to follow an appropriate dress code as suggested by the administration/organization.
  • The bag for vocal/instrumental class should contain notebook, pen/pencil etc. and dance class should contain ghungroo, notebook, pen/pencil, small towel etc. Students are encouraged to carry their own water bottles.
  • Bona-fide certificates will be issued only after completion of 1 year training.
  1. The Vidyalaya remains closed on Sundays and observes important holidays of the year (notified from time to time). It closes for a period of approximately four weeks during summers on account of summer vacation and around one week each in October and December on account of Durga Pooja and Christmas/winter holidays respectively.
  • Students are liable to pay for any damage and/or loss caused to any property (including musical instruments of the Vidyalaya).
  • Students are advised to read the notice board/website regularly.
  • Admission to the Vidyalaya is open to all persons irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  • All classes are held three days a week, for one hour each.
  • Tuition and Instrument fees are to be paid packages in all payment mode, in advance by the 15th day of every month. A late fee of Rs. 200/- will be levied after the 15th and till the end of the month.
  • Students are required to keep fee-receipts for record.
  • An identity card is compulsory for students, and students must carry their identity cards to the Vidyalaya. In case of loss of identity card, a new card will be issued on payment of Rs. 200/-.
  • Change in the address and contact details of a student should be immediately notified to the office.
  • No persons other than students of the Vidyalaya are allowed inside the classrooms except with the permission of the Administration.
  • Use of mobile phone is not allowed during class hours. It has to be kept on silent or switched-off mode.
  • Personal belongings have to be guarded by the students themselves. The institution or its staff will not be held responsible for any loss.
  • Music and dance training demands sincerity and hard work, and there are no shortcuts or easy fame. Parents are requested not to pressurize the teachers or Vidyalaya officials to have their ward included in choirs, performing troupes, etc. since such selections are based purely on merit.
  • Foreign students are required to submit copies of their passport, visa etc. It is mandatory for the Vidyalaya to inform immigration authorities about new admissions of foreign students.
  • The schedule of fees is changed with out any prior notice.
  • The center may run promotional schemes from time to time offering special discount fees. The promotional schemes is valid only till the indicated date. Renewal of package will be done as per the schedule of fees prevalent at the time of renewal.



  • Rules and regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the organization.
  • In all matters, the decision of the organization will be final.